Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting goals

I am a firm believer in setting goals. These goals must be written down as well for them to take hold. I like to set major goals and also mini goals. I also think that as you are getting close to reaching a goal you need to set some new goals. Last year I decided to set some fitness goals.
swim 50 miles
bike 1000 miles
run 500 miles

I reached all these in about October. I was very happy to have met my goals for the year. So I upped the ante on the goals. I figured out how much I was training and then added that to my goals. It made it so I could attain them by the end of the year but it kept me motivated to get out and train.

My year end totals were
swim 83 miles
bike 1683 miles
Run 737 miles

I had never set these kinds of goals before. In the past we all make New Years resolutions to get in better shape. Last year I had hard numbers that I was trying to accomplish. I could just divide the number of weeks by the miles and have a number I needed to train for. I also added 2 weeks off in case of sickness or injury. This worked so well last year that I have decided to go the same route again this year. So for 2010 my goals are
Swim 200 miles
Bike 2000 miles
Run 800 miles

I know that having goals helps me. I keep track of my training on Daily Mile. I also keep a log book that I write in each day. This allows me to see how I am doing and how far I have gone so far this year. So write those goals down and look at them from time to time during the year.